Ruby Blue Syndicate

After a packed house at Kochevars Saloon in Crested Butte, Colorado on July 15, the Ruby Blue Syndicate returned for an encore performance on August 5. The local burlesque troupe wowed the audience with a classy yet sexy show that smoked and sizzled. Each of the four dancers transform into a distinct characters: Tarah Niccoli becomes Fanny DuVine, the madame with a splendid derriere; Thereza Venn becomes Gypsy Twigs, an exotic, unrestrained seductress; Hailey Loeffler becomes Sweet Pea Chanel, a mischievous sweet heart; and Lauren Murry becomes Rubia Royale, the signatire blond bombshell. At 10:45 p.m. the venue seemed to shift into the past, inviting the audience into an atmosphere of dramatic dance-song fusion.

Sweet Pea Chanel preps by adding sparkling jewelry to her costume.

Gypsy Twigs and Rubia Royale stretch out before displaying their legs on stage.

The dancers tuck faux "dolla bills" into their outfits for a number that solicits tips.

The founder of the troupe, Fanny DuVine, waits for her entrance.

Backstage the cast of Ruby Blue Syndicate discuss the success of the show.


2 thoughts on “Ruby Blue Syndicate

  1. Kathy Darrow

    Love the pic of Fanny! And the fanny with the faux five! Good job. Also like the B&W conversion for this one. The photos hold up to it!

  2. hailey loeffler

    hahah these are awesome!!! haven’t seen it yet!! could you send me the pics?! MISS YOU! ROCK ON AND GROOVE!


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