Monthly Archives: November 2011

A Chilly Thrill

On a chilly Halloween night in Bellingham, Washington, a horde of walking dead crawled, loped and crept down into Maritime Heritage Park. A huge group of unsuspecting spectators stood, huddling together, as the zombies descended into the midst of the people. Then suddenly they broke out in dance! Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” tore through the crisp air, sending the zombies into a mass movement, reflecting Jackson’s infamous dance. It was a hit. The crowd went wild, and when the walking dead finished their dance the humans joined, convening into a unified dance party, with lights flashing and bodies jumping. Luckily no one was attacked, because there would have been no hope of escape.

This was the scene on Oct. 31, 2011 at the fourth annual Thriller performance. Dancers in the event pay to learn the dance in four sessions and 50 percent of the proceeds are donated to the charities Blue Skies for Children and Live Consciously. This year they donated a total of $1,800, with about 30 participants. Other dance performances featuring Jackson’s music and even a remix of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” were featured as well.

Zombies creep onto the stage at Maritime Heritage Park.

Two fire dancers perform a scene in which they try to ward off the zombies, but the walking dead overtake their efforts in the end.

The costumes and makeup donned by the Thrillingham were quite grotesque.