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Subtract Chains Add Costumes

Crested Butte Bike Week, previously called Fat Tire Bike Week, is the longest running bike festival in the country, 25 years strong. That is appropriate because Crested Butte is also said to be the birthplace of mountain biking. The Chainless World Championships is one of the races that reflects the wild personalities of Crested Buttians, with colorful costumes and decorated bikes, devoid of chains. The purpose of the race is to coast seven miles down Kebler Pass to Crested Butte without pedaling.

Here are a few highlights from the Chainless After Party:

The fuzz watch over the end of the race as the fuzz rolls into the finish at the Chainless World Championships.

Where’s Waldo? Dale Cramer is easy to spot in his American flag spandex suit at the Chainless after party. “It’s something you almost want to postpone and stretch out as long as you can,” Kramer said of the race.

Jennie Dabelko makes sure Stephen Dabelko’s “Allen” wig looks suitable at the Chainless after party.

Anna Rubina laughs with friends at the Chainless after party.

Alex Reshetniak and Seth Wilson exchange stories at the Chainless after party.

“I feel like I’m a winner in my category, said the “Human Cannonball,” Andrew Canale. “There was no other human cannonballs that passed me.”

Many “lubricated with adult beverages” after the Chainless World Championships.

Eddy Cohn laughs with Elliott Rosenberg after Rosenberg falls off his bike at the Chainless after party.

A connection through the heart…Tango

While living in Bellingham I have discovered and fallen in love with Argentine Tango. It is a dance that allows two people to become one while caressing the dance floor with their toes. Almost every weekend a milonga, a tango dance party, is held in Bellingham where people from Seattle and Vancouver mingle with the Bellingham tango community to dance.

Here are a few photos from Tango Popolare’s last “Tango Experience” milonga:

Low Ridin’

A celebration of Chicana culture took place on a drizzly day in May on Western Washington University’s Red Square. As part of the festivities on May 20, there was a low rider car show along with Chicana music, dance and food.

Near the end of the show I ran to the top of one of the buildings hugging the perimeter of the square and shot down at the mosaic of cars parked around the fountain.

The 2012 Low Rider show comes to an end on May 20. It is the longest running low rider show in Washington.

Steeple for the People

At the end of the racing season Western Washington University’s track and field team gets together for a costumed race and barbeque. The tradition, called Steeple for the People, is a 3k steeplechase where the whole team runs seven and a half laps around the track hurdling wooden barriers and a water hazard. Here are a few highlights from the event on May 31.

The WWU track and field team laughed while they did the 3k steeplechase on May 31.

The water barrier made most of the participants soaked by the end of the race.

Costumes ranged from Siamese twins to superheroes at the Steeple for the People.

Runners are pictured overcoming the water barrier in various stages of their jumps.

A runner jumps over Katelyn Steen and Arielle Walton.

Arielle Walton, Kristi Fairbanks and Katelyn Steen dunk their heads under water at the end of the race.

Funky Framing: Friendly Softball

On June 3 the journalism department had a picnic to announce awards and enjoy each other’s company before graduates moved on and summer sent people separate ways. We also played a friendly game of softball. I took some photos of the game to experiment with framing, with parts of people’s bodies entering the side. I like the way they turned out, let me know what you think!