Steeple for the People

At the end of the racing season Western Washington University’s track and field team gets together for a costumed race and barbeque. The tradition, called Steeple for the People, is a 3k steeplechase where the whole team runs seven and a half laps around the track hurdling wooden barriers and a water hazard. Here are a few highlights from the event on May 31.

The WWU track and field team laughed while they did the 3k steeplechase on May 31.

The water barrier made most of the participants soaked by the end of the race.

Costumes ranged from Siamese twins to superheroes at the Steeple for the People.

Runners are pictured overcoming the water barrier in various stages of their jumps.

A runner jumps over Katelyn Steen and Arielle Walton.

Arielle Walton, Kristi Fairbanks and Katelyn Steen dunk their heads under water at the end of the race.


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