Art in Nature

This summer I am working as an art teacher and counselor for a kids art camp in Crested Butte, Colorado. This week we’ve been doing natural on-site art installations. The kids created all sorts of sculptures using stones, leaves, sticks and twine. Here are some of my favorites:

Austin Howes runs after a raft he made out of sticks and leaves.

A spiral of stones rests near the river.

Havalin Haskell and Elsa Deutsch work on making flower people at the river.

A strand of leaves on twine floats in the water.

The kids didn’t just create art in the river, but they also used natural objects to decorate eachothers’ hair.

A “fairy house” is created out of sticks and stones.

A group installation of painted rocks hung in a tree was a group effort by the camp students.

Stones dangle from the group installation.


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